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We're not a normal doughnut shop

The inspiration for our shop is derived from the extraordinary food and flavors found back home, in Hawaii. We rotate our menu often, pulling inspiration from adored staples like POG, Haupia & Taro. What we are best known for is bringing specialty Mochi Doughnuts to the mainland US and creating the Mochi Cookie™. Everything that we offer on our menu is housemade and always prepared in small-batches to ensure that our guests consistently get the best. At times, we do sell out of certain items because we feel that nobody should get anything less than fresh.


When we first started offering Mochi Doughnuts, we heard from so many people that they had been looking all over for these in the US. Originating in Japan, Mochi Doughnuts are the lovechild of traditional Japanese confectionary or sweet mochi, and the love of fried treats. They have a crispy outside, and soft pillowy inside with an addictive chew. They come out in a distinct Pon de ring- ポン・デ・リング shape that we learned about back in Hawaii before introducing them here.


The Chewiest, Gooiest Cookies!

The research to create the original Mochi Cookie™ began back in 2018. Countless hours and tests went into the formulation and we tasted hundreds of different samples. We worked hard to incorporate the soft chew of mochi into a crunchy, irresistible cookie. With every bite, you will enjoy a freshly baked, crisp outside, and a chewy & gooey inside. From the hand-made dough, to the scratch-made mochi, these craveable cookies are made at our shop with lots of love.