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Our Story

The idea to open our business first came about in 2012, but the shop didn't officially open its doors in Costa Mesa, California, until 2018. The first six months presented many unforeseen challenges that seemed insurmountable. Thankfully, we are blessed to have a strong support team and community. With ongoing support and relentless hard work, we were able to push through some major roadblocks and find ways to grow. Though our small shop has changed quite a bit since we opened, who we are and what we believe remains the same. 

Our Passion

Our team works incredibly hard to bring to life unique and one-of-a-kind pastries and flavors for our guests to enjoy. When it comes to quality and taste, we're a bit obsessed. One of the things that bring us the most joy is to incorporate a fusion of flavors into our outstanding Mochi Doughnuts, Crunch Cake, and our original Mochi Cookie™. We love hearing from our guests about how much joy and excitement our treats bring them and the people they share with. 

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